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Street Style x Luxury blog!

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Those nights when you can’t sleep because there’s too much on your mind..,fawkkk

10.Jul.14 3 weeks ago

I know its hard for you to understand why I do things, but I promise, I don’t always have bad things in mind. From your point of view all of this seems like me being tricky or deceitful, but i have nothing to hide: I never wanted to give up on you, and I don’t want to experience life without you. I know theres no reason for you to believe that because of what I’ve done, but I’m not a liar, I just got lost.  I hope one day you can forgive me because I will always care for you—no matter what. Despite the terrible things that have happened between us - probably too much to ever be fixed - I really did see myself spending the rest of my life with you. As you push me away for the last time I ask just one thing, Please don’t hate me. I didn’t hate you when you tore me in half, i tried harder to earn your love. 

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silly girl, i’ll always love you

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